Plickers – QR code Classroom Evaluation!

Plickers is an amazing tool that allows clicker tools in a classroom without the clickers. All you need is one specialised laminated paper card for each student, and the app loaded on any portable teacher device like an iPhone, tablet, android phone, or iPad.

This really is the kind of tech I love to see in the classroom: the kind that takes seconds to use and actually reinforces simple teaching tools for the better, without necessarily making every student use a new program, or log in to an app.  I have used QR codes in the classroom before, but this is really taking the concept to a new level, in a very good way.

Plickers, to me, screams formative feedback.  Teachers are always struggling to get real time results and this seems like the best answer. It keeps results anonymous while simultaneously forcing everyone to participate.

Emerging Ed Tech has some awesome ideas about how to use Plickers in the classroom.

Plickers was reviewed on Free Tech 4 Teachers in 2014.

It got great reviews on Graphite.

And the Minds in Bloom blog called it transformative for teaching.

I can’t wait to use it in my own classroom and hear about it in yours!

Quick Video:

Instructional Video:


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