Reading A-Z, resource

Reading A-Z is a magnificently large database of levelled, applicable, printable books that comes with integrated lesson plans for a variety of different uses. It’s robust library boasts developmentally appropriate material in an easy-to-access and easy-to-use format. It has more than 1,500 fiction and non-fiction books across a wide range of levels – 29 to be exact.

Each printable pdf book comes with a lesson plan, discussion cards, worksheets and many more.  Teachers benefit from this amazing resource on many other levels too, because the entire database is searchable and categorised in so many other ways.  Topic or keyword searches are just as simple as a click away – and so are curriculum references, ESL resources and more.

There are many different options when you find a book you like. You can print in colour, one sided, double sided, black and white, and you can also save a pdf that is for shared reading on the projector (page numbers are in order).  This versatility really allows for the teacher to meet individual needs in her classroom.  There are many books that re specifically related to common curriculum topics that are levelled in three different difficulties – so the teacher can teach the same lesson to all students but some students get a level K difficulty, while others get an H or F with a little less information and word count.  This was so amazing in my class because everyone would have similar knowledge and was included in the same discussion.

How to print a book:

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