Learning A-Z, a reasource

Learning A-Z is a spectacular, multifunctional cross-curricular language learning tool that is intended for use in Elementary classrooms. Each part is available for a 14 day trial period that I took advantage of for some – they all have different price points depending on your needs.  I purchased Raz-Kids myself for my class because my school couldn’t pay.  It was definitely worth the money.  The best part about Learning A-Z is that it’s current, and constantly being updated.   There are new and relevant books and lessons that come out that are applicable – like pluto changing it’s status and new presidential elections.


Reading A-Z

Reading A-Z is a magnificently large database of levelled, applicable, printable books that comes with integrated lesson plans for a variety of different uses. It’s robust library boasts developmentally appropriate printable pdf material in an easy-to-access and easy-to-use format. It has more than 1,500 fiction and non-fiction books across a wide range of levels – 29 to be exact.

My related blog post.  https://www.readinga-z.com/


Raz-Kids is an amazing database of levelled books in an easy-to-navigate online platform. It’s ideal for independent learning and differentiated education.

My related blog post.   https://www.raz-kids.com/


Headsprout is for very young learners with a focus on phonics and early literacy. It then moves on to comprehension and other valuable, targeted reading skills. I haven’t tried this resource but it looks like an amazing tool for kindergarten and grade one.


Science A-Z

Science A-Z is great – I used the trial version for a while in my class a few years ago. It had many very applicable lessons that used cross-curricular tools to make teaching science in an already packed schedule easier.  It is very american curriculum based but some topics overlap with others, of course. I thought that the resources needed to be more plentiful – but that was in 2013, I think they have beefed it up significantly since then.  Try it out to see if it fits your needs! You get several free downloads for your choice of material.


Writing A-Z

Writing A-Z is a fully functional and completely differentiated resource for all writing styles whether it be persuasive 5 paragraph essay, biography or personal recount etc, all students can learn the same topic with a small one page. It’s so great.  It has a comprehensive lesson plan with so many additions for each type of writing.  I downloaded them all and love it!


Vocabulary A-Z

This is a very large database of applicable words for elementary school. It has lesson plans for how to teach vocabulary well and customisable word lists based on word function or topic. I haven’t used it but it looks great if vocabulary is part of your teaching goals.


Ready Test A-Z

This is for American testing.  I haven’t looked into it, but it’s fully integrated into several State curriculums as well as the common core curriculum.




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