App Tested: Pear Deck vs. Nearpod

An amazing comparison between Nearpod and Peardeck!

Mr. Kamrowski


With the popularity of one-to-one classrooms, and the ensuing demonizing of the lecture as a pedagogical method, software to make lectures/direct instruction more interactive have developed.  Pear Deck and Nearpod are the two software companies that have become popular in this field (You can watch their promotional/informational advertisements here and here).  Both of these apps allow a teacher to embed formative assessments, engaging activities, and teacher analytics into a slide deck.  The days of using just powerpoint, keynote, or google slides are over.

In the last few months of the 2014-15 school year, I tested the paid version of Pear Deck in my one-to-one iPad classes.   I used the premium version as a free trial.  This summer, I played with Nearpod to compare the two.  In the fall, I would like to select one of the free versions of the two as my go to software…

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