Peardeck vs Nearpod? A stalemate. (GDPI 811)

Upon researching the multitude of features that Nearpod has to offer, the application Peardeck popped into the radar as another very useful tool. is almost the exact same as Nearpod but I think it might even be better in a few ways (possibly not up to snuff in some ways too)!  It seems to be a little more seamless than Nearpod.  I can’t wait to try it in a classroom.

Peardeck has frictionless Google integration – teachers who use Google apps for Education and create live files in Drive, can actually invite classroom sections to participate in a live online presentation through Peardeck.  I only have limited experience with Google applications for education, but this seems like a really winning attribute for high school teachers who need to keep their student logs straight. One of the best parts of Peardeck (and Nearpod too) is that the link/presentation remains open as long as the teacher wants, so students can review it for homework at night if they didn’t understand, or the teacher can assign an activity that becomes a homework assignment.  Teachers have the ability to pause the slide show and have it hover on one slide, so that students who access the classroom link can only see the slide the teacher chooses to show.

Nearpod has integrations for website links, but I like Peardeck’s system a little better.   A teacher can create a slide in the program that has a link.  Students will then be able to physically tough the link on their own devices and be able to read and report back about the content.  A slide might say: You have 10 minutes to click the following link, read the webpage, decide the most important parts about it and summarise it into three sentences, write those sentences and post about it.  This activity is inquiry-led and forces students to participate because their responses are public.

I wonder what other amazing features of Peardeck I’ll find, and how they might be best used for young learners.  These programs are amazing, but would really require a teacher-magician in order to make them effective in lower-elementary classrooms.


PearDeck Intro Youtube Video

Google Drive seamless with PearDeck

Importing Powerpoint Presentations to PearDeck

A great blog post to compare the two!

Another Great Comparison on a Blog (copied comparison below)

 Peardeck  Nearpod
Easily connects to your Google Drive where you can import Google Slide Presentations or PDFs to your class. You have a library on their website as well as other presentations available to buy or download
Creating a set of cards is easy Creating the presentation is easy
Can add slides on the fly as you present
Multiple Choice questions don’t have to have a correct answer More options for student response

  • Polls
  • Multiple choice
  • Short constructed response
  • Drawings
Youtube videos can be used in free version Movies in free version will need to be on your computer and uploaded
Can present a different screen to the class than is on the student devices Data is available online-including the students’ drawings and responses. It is stored in reports.

Comparison sourced from Aurora Public Schools “Tech”niques Blog :

Another easy to understand, visual comparison on a blog HERE!

The competition seems to have ended in a stalemate: it depends on your teaching style and needs to be able to choose between the two!  Peardeck has on the fly creation but Nearpod has more student response options.  Peardeck imbeds YouTube videos for free but Nearpod uploads your offline videos for free.  Peardeck has a dot on a map feature, Nearpod has better drawing options. Both integrate with Google, but Peardeck is more seamless.  Nearpod goes with Dropbox!  Both are easy to use in a browser, but Nearpod has dedicated apps on all devices (phones etc).  Nearpod allows you to import PPT, PDF and Google Slides for free, you have to pay in Peardeck. Nearpod offers immediate analytics for teachers for free, you have to pay in Peardeck. Nearpod has  lessons that can be assigned for homework.



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