Self-Regulated Learning Monitoring Process Checklist

Carla – SRL Monitoring Process

My Goal  in my Self-Regulated Learning Class is to create a Prezi slide show that can be used in a short Professional Development session to educate teachers at the primary school level about Self-Regulated learning and how they might best introduce and use it in their classrooms across literacy, inquiry and maths classes.

Time Period July – August 2015

The following checklist will assist me with my proximal and distal goals. It is designed to help me with my self-monitoring process for the last few weeks of my GDPI 800 course and final summative assessment output. I have listed a variety of different tasks but inevitably have missed some as ideas are always changing, as inquiry projects always evolve during the creation phase.

Proximal Goals (short-term)

  • Finalize goal statement and set personal deadlines
  • Use QueensU library services to find academic journals related to goal
  • Choose a few best resources and summarize them
  • Develop a draft word document for the Prezi output and create online Prezi
  • Continually post information and resources to WordPress Blog professional portfolio space
  • Keep up to deadlines for GDPI 800 course

Distal Goals (long-term)

  • Use the Prezi in a new school environment to help other teacher understand SRL
  • Post the Prezi on new-found professional communities and forums to promote SRL
  • Edit and add to the Prezi when needed, after reflection or peer critique/suggestion

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