Collaborative Technologies Glog on Glogster for GDPI 801

This is a Glog that I made to show the different collaborative technologies that I have used in the past.  From my earlier posts, you may already know that I absolutely love  as a classroom learning tool.

It was my first attempt at making a Glog with the online tool and I think it worked well with this type of information to display.  I like how I could add links to images very easily.

Resources for Self Regulated Learning in the Classroom

Professional Goal GDPI 800 – Self Regulated Learning

I would like to learn and evaluate some new concrete teaching strategies to educate young students to be self-regulated learners. Using this new information, and ideas gathered from this course, I will create a Prezi slide show that can be used in a short Professional Development session to educate teachers at the primary school level about Self-Regulated learning and how they might best introduce and use it in their classrooms across literacy, inquiry and maths classes.

  • Why you have this goal?

From personal experience, I know that there are few resources that give concrete, easy-to-understand, teachable suggestions for introducing and supporting self-regulated learning in the classroom.  I know it will be useful to me in my future primary classrooms, and to share among colleagues who are eager to learn and understand SRL more fully.

  • How you plan to undertake this goal?

Internet based research searches, predominantly.  I plan to find scholarly articles on the Queen’s University Library Portal and synthesise my understanding in the form of either a Prezi, PowerPoint presentation, or brochure.

Starting with websites like this one will assist me in my journey:

  • Why this goal is important to you? How the goal fits into your professional role?

It will help me in my future role as an elementary school educator, and help me to have a stronger understanding of inquiry-based learning.

  • What do you already know and are building on?

I have taken some classes to introduce the Primary Years Program in elementary school classrooms, and the GDPI 810 course on the theory of the development of Curriculum Connections.  I still have a lot to learn.

This video about a self-regulating Cookie Monster may be a good lighthearted place to start…