Advertise the GDPI

In order to get even more enrolment in the GDPI course, the advertised information needs to be attention grabbing and attractive.   If the advertisement for it isn’t interesting (and possibly looks outdated) then it’s not going to attract clientele. People who want to take online courses expect the newest technology and computer proficient professors. The following informative videoes are informative but not really gripping.  If the content of the GDPI is presented in the same way as this webinar it’s not really advertising cutting-edge educational techniques. I had reservations about signing up because the advertising was mediocre. Thankfully I gave it a try and I’m happy with the program so far!

This one is on the right track, but could have some upbeat tweaks like music. An introduction to more concrete course content would be very helpful, also.

I suggest using Powtoon with their free “Teacher Introduction to a Syllabus” template including a similar voice over and some upbeat music.  This template looks great for the job with it’s simple graphics and school related theme. If we as course participants are expected to use, inquire, and grow our professional awareness with new technology, I think it would be nice if the program leaders could be lead by example.  Powtoon, or even a Prezi document would create a dynamic presentation and spark interest.

Prezi is an excellent visual representation of data, and in my mind is way better than a voice over to dull powerpoint slides (as a method of direct communication). It’s important

The content in the first course I’m taking (GDPI 810) is engaging but navigating the course is a bit tricky, as it it totally different from Continuing Education (CONT Ed) courses I’ve taken (and am currently taking) within the same Desire2Learn (D2L) online learning platform.

Within the course, students are expected to use technology to present their learning in a dynamic visual way – the course advertisements should reflect that.  Especially since one of the electives I’d like to take is “Innovations in Technology”.

While I remain positive and support the development of the courses in the GDPI and realise it’s the first year of instruction, I wonder if more innovative and eye catching new-technology designs could be used to demonstrate content of the overall program, after all, personal inquiry and professional advancement is at the core of the course values. Onwards and upwards?  If they do it, I guarantee that  enrolment will increase.

Food for thought.


One thought on “Advertise the GDPI

  1. I am starting the Queen’s GDPI this September with the intention of completing the masters after and anxious to dig in to the coursework. Didn’t realize the program was so new. Appreciating the sharing you have here on your blog about the program.


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